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Fortnite Update 15.30: EVERYTHING You Need To Know In UNDER 5 MINUTES (New Exotics, New POI, LTMs)
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New WEAPONS and MAP UPDATE in Fortnite! (Season 5)
The Valentine's Update, All FREE Rewards, S5 Live EVENT, Patch Notes!

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    ANOTHER UPDATE 😱 Thanks to everyone who used code "doom" for my birthday! 💙

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      Why have u not posted in a month

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      James Horton_21

      what happen to Coldside? he dint post long time :(

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      Aiden Smith

      Since you haven't uploaded in a while here's a idea: You could make a vid about the Zero Point.

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  • James Horton_21
    James Horton_21

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    What’s happened to doom/ cold slide haven’t seen any new vids or posts for weeks. Hoping he is okay?